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Track Length:  0.47

American style Pop-Rock, This Pop-Rock number is one of those classic College is out for summer feeling songs. Pack your bags and lets go! 133 BPM.
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Jet Lag

Track Length:  3.53 | Additional Versions : 6

A warm and soulful, groovy mix of Smooth Jazz and laidback R&B / Pop. Laidback funk guitar, romantic / dreamy background strings, slight 1970's feel m...
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Just for Kicks

Track Length:  4.21 | Additional Versions : 9

A fresh, positive and melodic guitar rock track with varied melodies throughout. This track is rough around the edges, but not too hard and not too he...
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Track Length:  2.24 | Additional Versions : 9

A fast, unruly and wild rock track with a strong Punk element. Unhinged, rebellious, reckless, good for fun sports, X-Games, racing and motorsports, s...
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Journeys End (E.Simons)

Track Length:  1.39 | Additional Versions : 4

A poignant choir floats above a triumphant but wistful cinematic melancholy. Heavenly, angelic, amazing, enchanted. Miracle / amazement. Touching. 72 ...
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Journey Through Time

Track Length:  2.45 | Additional Versions : 7

Inspiring semi-orchestral piece in a style similar to Vangelis, somewhat epic, amazing and grand. Music good for depicting a grand adventure, also sui...
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Japanese Garden

Track Length:  2.05 | Additional Versions : 5

Bright flutes create floating, airy melodies in this relaxing Oriental track. Tranquil and soft, this peaceful music will transport you to a place whe...
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Jewish Family

Track Length:  2.00 | Additional Versions : 4

An acoustic ensemble provide a wonderful flowing waltz that sways along in the mood of traditional Jewish music. With subtle joy, this track moves alo...
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Jungle Warfare

Track Length:  3.13 | Additional Versions : 3

Drum and bass track with a very dark and sinister element. Fast, powerful and nasty it forces everything out of its way with loud drums and deep and d...
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Just for the Moment

Track Length:  1.49 | Additional Versions : 5

Teen pop track. High school students enjoy the day full of youthful energy. Uplifting and fresh, this guitar based piece provides a perfect soundtrack...
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