Want to Submit Your Sound Effects?

We are always interested in hearing new sound effects. This is the procedure for new submissions. 
Firstly, please spend the next few minutes carefully reading all of this important information before deciding to continue: -

1. We only host high-quality sound effects.

Although we have the ability to stock an unlimited amount of sound effects our clients do not have time to browse unlimited amounts of content. For this reason, we only wish to host high-quality sound effects and each submission will be reviewed by us for suitability.
If we invite you on board we may not use all of your audio. If this causes you concern, there are many user-generated sites out there where you can upload all of your audio without any approval process.

2. Content revenue sharing / digital fingerprinting issues

We cannot accept audio that is in any content revenue-sharing systems which utilise digital fingerprint tracking technologies. These are the type of schemes that monetise YouTube videos by displaying adverts throughout the content. 
When somebody licenses our content to make a promotional video the last thing they want to see is competitors' adverts appear on their video.
Some other libraries are fingerprinting your audio in this way so you need to read the terms of these libraries to check that you do not fall into this category. If you do, regrettably we can not work with you as it causes issues for us and our clients.

3. Non-exclusivity

Our agreement is non-exclusive therefore if we host your sound effects you can still sell it elsewhere non-exclusively. As it is non-exclusive there is no advance payment and no promise of individual promotion. They are added to our library, which is promoted as a whole. Our aim is to sell effect licenses to our clients for which we will both benefit, but we can not be held responsible if your audio does not sell.

4. Know What You're Getting Into

If we proceed with your submission we will send you our terms and conditions for you to read, sign and post back to us.
We operate a royalty-free license, which means our customers can license and use your audio in perpetuity for many uses. This means the user buys the right to make a certain number of copies (mechanical rights) of their production including your audio.

Your audio must NOT be in any mechanical copyright organisation if you submit it to us.

5. Income

We value your sound effects and price it realistically based on the marketplace. We give you 50% of the sale price excluding VAT. As we operate a credits-based system this is worked out accurately by our website software. Prices will vary dependent on the number of credits a client buys.
Buyers get a discount the more credits they buy. See credits.
Clients that are regular users may buy in bulk, in which case they pay from £0.75 per credit. On the other hand, infrequent buyers pay up to £1.25 per credit. In practice, the amount will always be somewhere in-between the two but may vary from order to order.
As an example, a sound effect of less than 15 seconds is 1 credit, which is the monetary value of £1.25 or as low as £0.75 of which you receive 50%.

We will always get as much as we can but this is a competitive market and we need to be able to offer loyal customers a discounted option.
Sound effects are priced based on length and there is an additional charge for making more than 1000 physical duplications/copies. 

The table below demonstrates typical credit values for sound effects and their actual costs (remember you receive 50% share minus any processing fees e.g. PayPal)

Effect Length (approx) Cost with max discount Cost without discount
1 15 seconds or less £0.75 £1.25
2 30 seconds or less £1.50 £2.50
3 60 seconds or less £2.25 £3.75
4 5 minutes or less £3.00 £5.00
5 10 minutes or less £3.75 £6.25
10 40 minutes or less £7.50 £12.50
15 Over 40 minutes  £11.25 £18.75

6. Company Information

If we feel that we can work together it costs you nothing other than a little bit of administration time. For this reason, we do not feel we need to convince you to join us by sharing information about company sales, profits, traffic or potential earnings. If we feel we can work together, we will contact you based on the fact that we think hosting your sound effects may be beneficial for us both.

7. Ownership

You must own and control the copyrights in the recordings that you are submitting.
If we work together you will be entering into a legally binding agreement. This is a two-year agreement so please do not expect to remove your audio before the agreement expires. Telling us you now have an exclusive agreement does not mean we can simply undo all of the work of putting your audio on the site. If you are looking for an exclusive deal please do not proceed. 

8. Sales and Payments

All sales are collated and issued on a quarterly basis via email.

Payments due are paid via UK bank transfer or PayPal in GBP. If you are in a region that does not allow you to be paid by PayPal we cannot take your audio on unless you have other electronic means of receiving payment.

PayPal charges 2% for mass payments which we split between us (1% each).

There is no charge to join us.

9. Read Everything Carefully

You must follow this procedure initially. If we feel we can work with you, we will contact you with more information and at that stage we would be happy to answer any further questions you may have.


We are genuinely interested in hearing from people with professional attitudes who are happy with and respect our terms.

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