Interested in Joining our Voice Over Section?

Please read this section carefully.

All enquiries to become a voice-over on Media Music Now must be submitted via this page, otherwise will not be considered.

Please note: We are temporarily not accepting new demos from Voice Overs. We will reinstate demo submissions as soon as we can.
PLEASE NOTE: We work with voiceovers, we are NOT a listing service where you upload your stock demo and have clients contact you. We actively work with the client and you and provide all editing and audio production. For this reason, we request custom RAW Unprocessed demos that we can produce and put on our website(s). If this is a problem please do not proceed. We do not use your stock mp3 demos. Please read and complete this page in full. 

We want to work with voiceovers who:-

  • Have voiceover experience
  • Have a professional attitude
  • Have their own recording studio
  • Can record and produce audio to a high standard
  • Have good email communication
  • Can record WAV files (No MP3s). Please do not convert your MP3 into a wave to get around this! It does not restore the lost data - See this blog post

Please Understand...

We do everything we can to generate work but there are no guarantees. This is a chance to be listed where you may or may not get work. We are not an agency, we do not charge you to be on the website (if you are successful). We list you long-term (at least 12 months) and this gives you a chance to get chosen by our clients for voice over work. If you feel that you will be questioning and sending regular emails to see why you have not been chosen for work yet or feel the need to remind us that you have not had any work then please do not proceed. Please manage your expectations and please respect our process if you want to be listed on our website(s).

Sorry if that sounds direct, we are lovely easy-going people, but we have wasted a lot of time dealing with people that feel entitled to work and have unrealistic expectations about the realities of being listed on a website. 

Ready to proceed?...

In order to let us hear the quality of your voice recording, please: -

  • Record a short sample* in your own studio (up to 60s)
  • Do not include background music or processing - we want to hear a RAW UNPROCESSED RECORDING
  • Include today's date and your name at the start of the recording
  • Please record and send a single RAW unedited recording - I will edit and produce your demo
  • Minimum 16bit 44.1 kHz WAV or AIF, mono or stereo (No MP3s OR WAVs converted from mp3) Why? See this blog post
  • Please leave breaths and noise (hiss), I remove that. Leave a second or so of dead air (silence) so that I can get a noise profile for your recording and remove any hiss.
  • Please do not just send your stock demo reel

*This can be a sample of any text. At this stage, we just want to hear the quality of your voice and recording setup.

Please complete the short form and upload your voice demo.


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