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We are always interested in hearing new music, however, as we get inundated with enquiries we have a procedure for considering new music.

Please spend the next 15 minutes carefully reading all of this important information before deciding to continue

1. We only host high quality music that we feel our clients may purchase.

Although we have the ability to stock an unlimited amount of music our clients do not have time to browse unlimited amounts of music. For this reason we selectively hand-pick every track.

If we invite you on board we may not use all of your tracks. If this causes you concern, there are many user generated sites out there where you can upload all of your tracks without any approval process.

We choose tracks based on production standards and suitability for our library. Just because certain tracks do well on other libraries this does not give any guarantee of how well they will do in our library or that we will choose them for inclusion. All libraries, clients and search engine positions vary, so it is reasonable to expect variation.

We reserve the right to host / promote all or some of your music depending on what we feel is relevant or saleable at that time. We may change, add, remove or re-categorise the display of your music at any time to include or remove certain tracks.

2. Content revenue sharing / digital fingerprinting issues

We have to be careful about accepting music in any content revenue sharing systems that utilise digital fingerprint tracking technologies. These are the type of schemes that monetise YouTube videos by displaying adverts throughout the content. They also trigger 'Includes copyrighted content' notices on YouTube.

When somebody licenses our music to make a promotional video the last thing they want to see is competitors adverts appear on their video. Or have it flagged as containing musical content belonging to another third party because it has been digitally fingerprinted (also referred to as Content ID).

We understand that some composers are now doing this to prevent theft of their content, and we are slowly educating users that they have to pre-clear some music for YouTube use. Providing we can clear claims of videos and whitelist channels directly on your behalf in a timely manner and without any delays or complications we may consider this.

Currently AdRev is the only company we know of that works in this way and clears videos and channels upon our request within 24-48 hours.

If you are in such a system that can let us clear videos and channels on your behalf let us know which one and we will go from there. If you are considering using one, we work well with AdRev as we can whitelist videos and channels with them directly.

3. Non-exclusivity

Our agreement is non-exclusive therefore if we take your music you can still sell it elsewhere non-exclusively. As it is non-exclusive there is no advance payment and no promise of individual promotion. They are added to our library, which is promoted as a whole. Our aim is to sell music licenses to our clients for which we will both benefit, but we can not be held responsible if your tracks do not sell.

4. Know What You're Getting Into

If we feel that there is a place in our library for your music we will send you our terms and conditions for you to read, sign and post back to us.

We operate a royalty free music license which means our customers can license and use your music in perpetuity for many uses. This means the user buys the right to make a certain number of copies (mechanical rights) of their production including your music.

Your music must NOT be in any mechanical copyright organisation if you submit it to us and the recording must NOT be in PPL.

Additionally, we include performance royalties in our license fee for many uses including but not limited to music in tradeshows, websites, Youtube and online videos, music on-hold etc. If you are in a PRO that is fine by us but when you sign our agreement you are giving us a waiver on any PRO royaltyies apart from TV and Radio broadcast. This means that you will need to support us on this if our client encounters any PRO issues from using your music.

Make sure you have the authority to do this. We do not expect clients to pay PRO's for use of our music (with the exeption of TV / Radio). For your information, our music uses are detailed here, (these may be added to / edited from time to time).

We do not expect any share of PRO income generated from TV and Radio broadcast. You collect this directly.

We are direct licensing your music and do not want our clients to be confused or harassed by 3rd party agencies. You must have the authority to grant us a waiver on PRO royalties as previously explained.

5. Income

We give you 50% of the sale price excluding VAT (minus any processing fees e.g. PayPal).

As we operate a credits based system this is worked out accurately by our website software. Prices will vary dependent on the number of credits a client buys.

We value your music and price it realistically based on the marketplace. For example, single tracks over two minutes are 22 credits. In this case, you would receive the value of 11 credits.

Buyers get a discount the more credits they buy. See credits. Clients that are regular users may buy in bulk, in which case they pay from £0.75 per credit. On the other hand, infrequent buyers pay up to £1.25 per credit.

In practice the amount will always be somewhere inbetween the two but may vary from order to order. As an example, your share of a 22 credit track will be the monetary value of 11 credits. e.g. 11 credits x £1.25 = £13.75 Or 11 credits x £0.75 = £8.25 Or any amount in between.

We will always get as much as we can but this is a competitive market and we need to be able to offer loyal customers a discounted option. Tracks are priced based on length and there is an additional charge for making more than 5000 physical duplications / copies.

6. Underselling Yourself

Although we understand that this is a competitive market we do not want music from people that devalue their own music by accepting micro payments for a track. For example, in the past we have found that some of our tracks at £25.00 on our website were being sold elsewhere at less than £5. As you can imagine, this makes us look bad in the eyes of the client and it confuses them too. If your music is being sold significantly lower elsewhere we would rather not stock it.

7. Content

You must be prepared to provide text describing your music when we request it. Good text descriptions are a vital element in your music being found in the first place and can be the difference between good sales and no sales.

8. Company Information

If we feel that we can work together it costs you nothing other than a little bit of administration time. For this reason we do not feel we need to convince you to join us by sharing information about company sales, profits, traffic or potential earnings. If we feel we can work together, we will contact you based on the fact that we think hosting your music may be beneficial for us both.

9. Ownership

You must own or control the copyrights in the music and recordings that you are submitting. If you are sending music that has been created by a group, band or production company you must make sure that you have the authority to enter our agreement and have such permissions or clearance in place beforehand.

If we work together you will be entering into a legally binding agreement. This is a two year agreement so please do not expect to remove your music before the agreement expires. Telling us you now have an exclusive agreement does not mean we can simply undo all of the work of putting your music on the site. If you are looking for an exclusive deal please do not proceed.

10. Sales and Payments

All sales are collated and issued on a quarterly basis via email. Payments due are paid via UK bank transfer or PayPal in GBP. If you are in a region that does not allow you to be paid by PayPal we cannot take your music on unless you have other electronic means of receiving payment. There is no charge to join us.

11. Helping You Write the Type of Music that Sells

Please do not expect us to give advice on the type of music that sells or what you should submit to us. It would be nice if we could give you one-to-one help and guidance but unfortunately, we do not have the time or resources to do this.

Send us a good variation of your music to listen to and we will assess it based on the previously mentioned criteria.

12. Read Everything Carefully

Some people fail to read this information and decide to phone or email us to ask questions – Please do not do this.   You must follow this procedure initially – emailing or calling us directly or asking us to visit your website is not going to help you bypass this procedure or speed up the process.

We have many submissions and although we would like to spend time chatting with you about submitting your music, we just do not have the time. If we feel we can work with you, we will contact you with more information and at that stage we would be happy to chat and answer any further questions you have.      


We are genuinely interested in hearing from people with professional attitudes who are happy with and respect our terms.

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