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Motorway or Highway Traffic 02

Effect Length:  0.52

Motorway or Highway Traffic 02: Fast moving traffic from close perspective. Cars driving by at speeds around 100 km/h (60 mph). Medium traffic density...
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Night City Traffic

Effect Length:  3.16

Night City Traffic: Medium to heavy traffic at night time, in European city. Modern cars driving by at medium speed, occasional moped, scooter.
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Night Highway Traffic

Effect Length:  0.56

Night Highway Traffic: Evenly flowing traffic at medium speed in both directions, approx. 60 km/h (40 mph).
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Town Traffic Junction

Effect Length:  5.09

Town Traffic Junction: Light to medium traffic at Spanish town junction. Cars, mopeds, motorcycles and occasional buses go past in all 4 directions. S...
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Construction 01

Effect Length:  4.20

Construction set at medium distance. Constant sound of drilling machine, with occasional sounds from workers. Light birds at 01:19. Truck at 02:45. Tr...
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Construction 02

Effect Length:  5.19

Calm construction set at medium distance. Workers speaking in background. Distant truck at 00:48. Occasional movement from workers cleaning up in hous...
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Construction 03

Effect Length:  4.31

Distant construction set with constant machinery. Cranes moving occasional with debris and hits from 00:26. Civilian people high heels walking by at 0...
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Construction 04

Effect Length:  4.20

Semi distant construction set with drilling and hammering at 00:19. Airy with distant sawing at 00:34. Hard container hit at 01:14. Dynamic sounding w...
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Construction Road Traffic

Effect Length:  3.19

General city ambience. Distant construction from other side of medium traffic road. Hammering and light hits from construction. Occasional bird singin...
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Distant City 01

Effect Length:  3.41

Distant city ambience 01. Use as city wash outside apartment window etc. Distant city traffic, Traffic & City Sounds.
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