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Subway Train Interior 1

Effect Length:  0.57

Subway Train interior, riding onboard NYC Subway modern subway train. Smooth train movement. No people talking, no voices.
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Subway Train Interior 2

Effect Length:  1.00

Subway Train interior, riding onboard NYC Subway station. Announcer calling station names and transfers. Doors opening and closing.
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Subway Train Riding Onboard

Effect Length:  2.18

Subway Train, riding onboard. NYC Subway, onboard underground train interior. Sound of train tracks, squeaks and few people talking. Announcer calling...
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City Ambience at Night

Effect Length:  0.27

City Ambience at Night: Distant traffic, distant dog barking, clanking metal.
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Distant Highway Traffic

Effect Length:  2.48

Distant Highway Traffic: Muffled traffic noise, heard from perspective inside a car parked away from main traffic, moving in and out of tunnel in the ...
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Evening Traffic on Suburban Road

Effect Length:  2.26

Evening Traffic On Suburban Road: Cars passing by at medium to high speed, medium traffic density, with each car defined.
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Fast Moving Highway Traffic

Effect Length:  1.44

Fast Moving Highway Traffic: Cars driving by at high speeds, medium traffic density. Occasional moped, scooter driving by. General traffic noise.
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Freeway Traffic

Effect Length:  1.44

Freeway Traffic: Smooth traffic moving at good speed on freeway, highway or motorway. Cars driving by at speeds around 100 km/h (60 mph)
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Heavy City Ambience, Daytime Loop

Effect Length:  0.18

Heavy City Ambience, Daytime, Loop: General city ambience with most traffic at a distance. Occasional metal clank and distant heavy machinery. Also go...
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Heavy Motorway Traffic

Effect Length:  1.40

Heavy Motorway Traffic: Cars, trucks moving on high speed freeway, highway or motorway. Towards the end of the file, a single isolated truck passes by...
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