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UFO Passing 3

Effect Length:  0.18

Sound of a flying saucer approaching and going away, right to left. Very low rumble when passing by
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UFO Trying to Take Off

Effect Length:  0.09

UFO, flying saucer unsuccessfully attempting to lift off. Also some strange machine trying to operate.
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Ascend Spacey Delay

Effect Length:  0.06

Cartoon sound effect: Ascend, spacey, delay, science, fiction
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Descend Spacey Quick

Effect Length:  0.02

Cartoon sound effect: Descend, spacey, quick
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Production Element Stinger (SFXB 3421)

Effect Length:  0.05

Production element: Stinger, digital, spacey
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Production Element Sweeper (SFXB 3445)

Effect Length:  0.11

Production element: Sweeper, synth, stab, spacey
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