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Space Insects

Effect Length:  0.24

Ambience with noises resembling insects. Noise of aliens or other animals. Suspenseful
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Space Wind

Effect Length:  0.18

Ambience with noises of wind, low frequencies. Desert planet ambience
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Spaceship Rumble Loop

Effect Length:  0.10

Spaceship ambience, deep space ambience or flying saucer interior. Seamless loop.
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Starship Fueling

Effect Length:  0.27

Sound of alien craft or flying saucer charging up on some kind of energy, or a spaceship or flying saucer taking off
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Starship Taking Off

Effect Length:  0.09

Sound of a starship, alien craft, UFO or flying saucer taking off or passing by
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Starship Taking Off and Flying By

Effect Length:  0.17

Starship, alien craft, UFO, flying saucer taking off and flying by, with stereo effects.
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UFO Contact

Effect Length:  0.06

Burst of an UFO trying to make contact, very high sound, pulsating. Also sound of a strange alien machine.
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UFO Flying By

Effect Length:  0.14

Retro scifi sound of UFO, flying saucer, strange alien ship or sci-fi machine making a pulsating, electronic pulse noise
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UFO Passing 1

Effect Length:  0.22

Sound of a flying saucer approaching and passing by, right to left. Very low rumble when passing by
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UFO Passing 2

Effect Length:  0.08

Sound of a flying saucer, alien craft, UFO or spaceship approaching and going away, very fast
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