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Crowd: Hotel Lobby Ambience

Effect Length:  0.58

Crowd, Hotel Lobby Ambience: Reception area sound from large hotel, people talking and walking by. Very faint music from entertainment system. Seamles...
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Crowd: Hotel Resort Poolside

Effect Length:  2.36

Crowd, Hotel Resort Poolside: Children and adults hanging out near swimming pool. Some people playing and splashing in water. Very faint music from po...
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Crowd: Ice Skating Park 1

Effect Length:  1.00

Crowd, Ice Skating Park 01: Children And Adults Skate And Play
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Crowd: Ice Skating Park 2

Effect Length:  1.28

Crowd, Ice Skating Park 02: Children And Adults Skate And Play
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Crowd: Indoor Swimming Pool

Effect Length:  2.36

Crowd, Indoor Swimming Pool: Children and parents swimming, playing and splashing. Very faint music over loudspeakers.
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Crowd: Large Busy Indoor Restaurant

Effect Length:  2.14

Crowd, Large Busy Indoor Restaurant: Serving buffet. People talking, eating lunch
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Crowd: Large Shopping Mall

Effect Length:  3.05

Crowd, Large Shopping Mall: Indoor American shopping mall, in hall area between shops. Busy crowd, many people walking, talking, shopping. Very faint ...
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Crowd: Outdoor Cafe Ambience

Effect Length:  4.05

Crowd, Outdoor Cafe Ambience: City pedestrian plaza, central Warsaw. People talking and laughing, occasional faint sounds of cutlery or glasses. No mu...
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Crowd: Park Ambience Busy

Effect Length:  3.00

Crowd, Park Ambience Busy: European city park ambience. People walking by and talking, some with baby pushchairs. Faint crowd voices.
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Crowd: Park Ambience Light

Effect Length:  2.42

Crowd, Park Ambience Light: Sparse city park ambience. Few people walking by, occasional faint voice of adults and children in the distance. Very dist...
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