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Crowd: Airport Near Boarding Gate

Effect Length:  1.33

Crowd, Airport Near Boarding Gate, children and parents talking and waiting in large open indoor area
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Crowd: Airport, No Announcement Calls

Effect Length:  2.58

Crowd, Airport, No Announcement Calls: Light crowd ambience indoor, in an airport departure hall. Can also be general indoor sparse crowd.
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Crowd: Airport, Occasional Announcement Calls

Effect Length:  3.59

Crowd, Airport, Occasional Announcement Calls: Airport ambience, departure hall, with occasional loudspeaker announcement calls in Spanish and English...
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Crowd: American Diner Interior

Effect Length:  3.02

Crowd, American Diner Interior: Busy cafe with many people eating, talking, food being served. Very faint music in background. Daytime restaurant ambi...
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Crowd: Angry Mob Protesting, Large Crowd

Effect Length:  2.01

Crowd, Angry Mob Large: Violent and angry crowd, riot or pandemonium, people shouting and protesting.
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Crowd: Angry Mob Protesting

Effect Length:  2.01

Crowd, Angry Mob: People protesting, shouting, displeased. Angry riot crowd, or panic in the city.
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Crowd: Bowling Hall Ambience, Very Busy

Effect Length:  4.56

Crowd, Bowling Hall Ambience, Very Busy: Noisy and busy bowling alley, with children and adults talking and playing bowling.
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Crowd: City Ambience Light Evening

Effect Length:  3.54

Crowd, City Ambience Light Evening: Relatively sparse city ambience. Restaurant area, mid evening. Occasional car driving by, faint sound of people wa...
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Crowd: City Ambience Pedestrian Area

Effect Length:  4.01

Crowd, City Ambience Pedestrian Area: Mid-afternoon, downtown Warsaw, Old Town pedestrian area. Happy, relaxed, people walking by in all directions. F...
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Crowd: Horse Racing Stadium Ambience

Effect Length:  2.14

Crowd, Horse Racing Stadium Ambience: People walking and talking, horses warming up, announcer presenting horses over loudspeakers
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