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An air of espionage, spy, mystery, adventure and intrigue is conjured up by this selection of royalty free soundtrack music.

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Last Minute Thoughts

Track Length:  1.58

Weird underscore soundscape for thriller, dark drama, crime scene investigation or documentary. Hints of screeching metals, deep thuds and strange twi...
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Track Length:  3.40 | Additional Versions : 5

Staccato and nervous, semi-orchestral tension underscore. Undercover, dangerous mission. Few guitar notes mixed with symphonic elements and a pulsatin...
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Black Day

Track Length:  1.24

Dark, ambient, surreal, suspenseful music suitable for film, TV and video projects. Electric Piano, strings, ambience, contrabasses, contemporary perc...
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Butterflies in Stomach

Track Length:  0.52

Nice thoughtful underscore for moments of tension or making unpleasant decision. Suitable for Film and TV. Instruments include strings, modern percuss...
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Casualties of War 2

Track Length:  1.30

An alternative version of Casualties of War, an emotional and dramatic underscore. Highly suitable for film and TV, a mystery soundtrack that creates ...
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Casualties of War 3

Track Length:  1.31

Third version of Casualties of War. With plenty of emotion, drama and intrigue, this mystery soundtrack is ideal as an underscore for film and TV.
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Critical Situation 5

Track Length:  1.54

Good for Film or TV medical drama in emergency room. Sound design, strings, percussion, piano, harp.
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Deep Inside

Track Length:  1.25

Dark, surreal, ambient and suspenseful music suitable for film, TV and video projects. Percussive background, harp, sound design.
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Track Length:  1.51

Underscore for urgent matters. It's a rainy day, things are passing by in the window of your car. You have to make decision fast! Features drums, acou...
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Track Length:  2.25

Thoughtful, emotional, dreamy, mystery and suspense music suitable for film, TV and video projects. Contemporary sound design with guitar and modern p...
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