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Soft, heart-warming and emotional romantic music. This royalty free music is perfect for love themes, romance, wedding videos and film or TV.

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Results for Love / Emotional

Chopins Dream

Track Length:  2.47 | Additional Versions : 5

Sprightly piano melodies bounce and play in this lively Viennese Waltz before strings add to the swelling emotion. Uplifting with lots of verve, an ac...
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Fade Away

Track Length:  4.31 | Additional Versions : 15

A beautiful and emotional R&B, Soul ballad available with or without vocals. Beautiful RnB vocals and bluesy guitar lines with a soft pop production.
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Memories Vocal

Track Length:  3.14

Vocal version of the track 'Memories' with soft, soothing female vocals. A warm, melancholic song about lost love and tender memories.
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Gentle Touch

Track Length:  1.45

Gentle and thoughtful cinematic score suitable for Film and TV. Features Electric piano, strings, French horns, ambience.
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My Best Friend

Track Length:  2.29

Soft, emotional and positive suitable for Film and TV. Acoustic guitar, acoustic piano, strings, voices, flute, pizzicatos, cello.
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She Is

Track Length:  2.34

Romantic and heart warming composition suitable for Film and TV. Instrumentation includes acoustic guitars, piano, strings and acoustic bass.
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Silent Romance

Track Length:  2.07

Soft, emotional and thoughtful track. Featuring piano, strings, acoustic guitar, boys choir.
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We Will Meet Again

Track Length:  1.21

Thoughtful, positive and emotional cinematic score perfect for a romantic film or TV production. Acoustic piano, strings, French horns, harp.
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