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Folk rock is usually renowned for the lyrical story conveyed in the vocals and this superb collection of royalty free music comprises the original vocal track that conveys life experiences of the artists with additional underscores (no vocals) that have been produced specially to give added flexibility for your media projects / productions. The majority of this music selection is written, performed and produced by Ian Plunkett and Lara Bartocci Plunkett who have the desire to write songs without any thought or pressure of being anything other than themselves. The underlying theme of these songs is hope and faith and everything is produced using real instruments and real musicians. These alternative / folk rock songs are influenced by many of the greats including Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, The Beatles, Nick Drake, Johnny Cash and The Who. Music that sounds similar to Beck, Turn Brakes, Eels, Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley, Jose Gonzales and many other folk-rock influences.

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21st Century Underscore

Track Length:  3.55

An underscore version of 21st Century without vocals.
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Flies Underscore

Track Length:  3.39

An underscore version of Flies without vocals.
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Give In Give Out Underscore

Track Length:  3.11

An underscore version of Give In Give Out without vocals.
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Out At Sea Underscore

Track Length:  4.18

An underscore version of Out At Sea without vocals.
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Just Rise Underscore

Track Length:  4.30

An underscore version of Just Rise without vocals.
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Between You and Me

Track Length:  2.16 | Additional Versions : 6

A slow and easy-going, melodic pop-rock, light-rock track. Acoustic guitars and piano, some electric guitar on the chorus parts. Mellow and friendly. ...
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Its Just How It Seemed Underscore

Track Length:  4.11

An underscore version of It's Just How It Seemed without vocals.
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