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Full of emotional power, this emotive orchestral music has the ability to make you feel sentimental and reflective or fill your audience with emotion, pride and honour. Combined with the right imagery, this royalty free orchestral music can enhance your film or TV production in a moving and poignant way.

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Results for Slow Emotive

In Captivity

Track Length:  1.16

Solid underscore for something that happened in the past. Would work well for historic moments of World War One and World War Two. Instruments include...
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Last Goodbye

Track Length:  1.17

Soft, emotional and thoughtful romantic piece perfect for Film and TV, with piano, strings and flute.
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Saying Goodbye

Track Length:  2.11

Nice and organic underscore for personal tragedy or memories of the past. Sad and very emotional. Features electric piano, strings, acoustic piano, Fr...
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Those Were The Days

Track Length:  1.54

Soft, emotional, positive, fond memories of days gone by; this big cinematic score is perfect for a romantic film or TV production. Features harp, str...
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Thoughtful Friend

Track Length:  1.04

Soft, emotional and thoughtful piece, romantic music suitable for Film and TV. Featuring acoustic piano, strings and bass.
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We Will Meet Again

Track Length:  1.21

Thoughtful, positive and emotional cinematic score perfect for a romantic film or TV production. Acoustic piano, strings, French horns, harp.
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Track Length:  1.14

Sorrowful, but optimistic track with a repeated piano idea over string chords.
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