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Royalty free incidental music can be used as background music and is ideal for adding atmosphere to the action of a play, television program, radio program, video game and film. Incidental music can add to a scene, perhaps to introduce a dramatic event, create a particular atmosphere between scenes or to enhance story telling sequences.

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Results for Incidental Music

Cat and Mouse 30secs

Track Length:  0.32

30 seconds edit of the main track.
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Cat and Mouse 60secs

Track Length:  1.00

60 seconds edit of the main track.
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Cat and Mouse Loop 01

Track Length:  0.46

Short edit of the main track for looping.
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Dead Sea (Loop)

Track Length:  0.16

Dark ambience with submarine style ping, a great low key background. This music loop is great for an incidental piece of underscore music for setting ...
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Track Length:  0.27

Plaintive piano, strings and oboe create a sense of longing and sadness in this brief cue. Ideal for documentaries, drama, real-life emotional moments...
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Super Sleuth

Track Length:  1.04

Spoof spy/mystery soundtrack. Curious sax and piano with light percussion. Builds into bold, brassy conclusion, with full big band sound. Comedy detec...
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Sad then Happy 1

Track Length:  0.36

Short 30 seconds track with two clear parts. A dark and sad beginning and then a happy resolution. Great for use with a problem / solution product.
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Track Length:  1.04

Tense, dramatic orchestral piece with big percussion and shimmering strings. 88 BPM.
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Across the Desert

Track Length:  3.16

Suspended chords from strings and flutes over a pulsing synth track. 88 BPM.
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Emotional Piano Cue 1

Track Length:  1.09

Cue 1 from the main music track 'Emotional Piano'. This free tempo solo piano piece starts off with a hopeful and light feel to it, which slowly turns...
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