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Selection of audio logos, jingles and intros highly suitable for media productions and projects ranging from company logo, website, TV show intro, product branding, flash intro, splash screen, etc.

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Audio Logo 11

Track Length:  0.16

Light, calm and gentle audio logo.
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Audio Logo 1

Track Length:  0.15

Audio logo 1 suitable for news, business, information bulletins.
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Audio Logo 12

Track Length:  0.17

Light, dreamy and mystical audio logo.
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Baby Steps

Track Length:  0.21

A tender and soft short track, or a sound logo ideal for productions aimed at young children and babies.
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Track Length:  0.07

Short ident. Fuller sound with kick drum and synth melody and also an fx choir in the background.
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Joyful Ukulele Logo

Track Length:  0.07

Audio logo edit created from the main music track 'Joyful Ukulele'. Happy and cheerful track, easy and relaxed. Featuring ukulele and acoustic guitars...
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Mother Nature Logo

Track Length:  0.06

Audio logo edit created from the main music track 'Mother Nature'. A beautiful music track played with ukuleles and guitars. Dynamic with a hint of em...
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Non Stop Logo

Track Length:  0.08

Audio logo edit created from the main music track 'Non Stop'. Uplifting rock track, motivational and inspired. Full of energy and joy.
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On the Groove Logo

Track Length:  0.04

Audio logo edit created from the main music track 'On the Groove'. Swagger and groovy funk track. Full brass section, 70 synths and a solid bassline.
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Tech Logo 1

Track Length:  0.10

High Tech audio logo. The perfect music trademark for your video.
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