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Fun royalty free march music includes tracks suitable for any number of comedy or light-hearted productions / projects and range from an old Italian style march to a comical circus-like march, as well as brass band and swinging jazz marches.

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Happy Birthday to You (Marching Band)

Track Length:  0.34

This version of Happy Birthday to You is heavy in the rhythm section giving it a marching band feel to it.
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Last Bridge

Track Length:  1.27

Classic military brass marching band sound.
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Playful March Marching Drums version

Track Length:  1.51

Marching drums version of Playful March. Happy, joyful, whimsical and playful. The marching snares give this track a slight military or band of merry ...
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Brotherly Love

Track Length:  2.31

Mandolin, marching drum, tuba, accordion. hopeful and happy with a bit of melancholy in the mix. old Italian style marching band
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Marching on The Parade

Track Length:  1.18

Military band in a marching style. Positive and energetic with a full range of military band orchestra, tuba, snares, cymbals, baritones, trumpets.
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Feast for the Eyes

Track Length:  2.38

Old Italian style marching band. mandolin, guitar, marching drum, tuba, accordion.
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Heres to a Brighter Day Ahead

Track Length:  4.05

Hopeful and determined, think allied forces going off to defeat a common enemy, shoulder to shoulder till the job is done! Featuring guitar, piano, ac...
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Working Hard

Track Length:  0.37

A cheeky and fun nostalgic orchestral march a-la Wallace and Gromit. Reminiscent of old motivational films with a slightly wartime vibe. Upbeat. 120 B...
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Brave America

Track Length:  1.34 | Additional Versions : 6

Uplifting, motivational track that starts off with patriotic American Civil War-era pipe and drums, but gradually turns into a rousing bouncy rock as ...
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Fosse Strut

Track Length:  2.27

Flute, snare drum, banjo, tuba, accordion. snappy march with a swing jazz feel like a bob fosse dance number
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