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Royalty free music tracks suitable for use in children's cartoons and animations. Featuring wacky and bizarre sounds that add to the humour and comedy of the tracks. Similar in sound to the Acme cartoons that followed the funny and outlandish exploits of the Looney Tunes cartoon characters. This category of fun royalty free music is highly suitable for any number of animation productions that require a comedy and cartoon sound.

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Track Length:  0.55 | Additional Versions : 5

Up-tempo Ska with a slightly punky cartoon mood. There is also an underscore version available, which displays more of the reggae feel and exposes the...
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A Bugs Life

Track Length:  1.03

Big orchestral adventure with high energy tempo and funny vocals. Great for children's TV theme, comedy and animation.
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Showtime Loop 01

Track Length:  0.42

Short edit of the main track for looping.
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Track Length:  1.49 | Additional Versions : 4

Bright and uplifting, this jaunty caper pays homage to the golden age of comedy film scores with its memorable hooks and bouncy, frolicking orchestrat...
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Dancing Fool

Track Length:  0.40

Dance music with children sounds and funny voices. Great for TV, comedy and animation.
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Cartoons Unite Stinger 02

Track Length:  0.06

Music stinger edit of the main music track 'Cartoons Unite'.
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Cartoons Unite

Track Length:  1.31 | Additional Versions : 4

An energetic orchestral cartoon theme, evocative of TV cartoons. A complex and pretty orchestration supports a cheeky and memorable theme presented on...
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Track Length:  0.47

Jazzy, funny piece with suspense and chase in the end. This track is perfect for cartoons, animation and children's TV / comedy.
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Track Length:  2.46

Suspenseful yet funny, this tempo driven track features some freaky and bizarre unique sounds. Highly suitable for children's TV, animation and comedy...
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Big City

Track Length:  0.40

Big Disney type orchestral score. Perfect for children's TV, comedy, cartoon, animation.
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