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One Sunny Day 30secs

Track Length:  0.32

30 seconds edit of the main track.
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Mishap Minuet

Track Length:  2.30 | Additional Versions : 13

This is a playful and lighthearted dramedy-style track that gradually builds in pace and momentum as it progresses. The track opens with sprightly piz...
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Playing on the Street

Track Length:  2.38 | Additional Versions : 14

A playful and fun track suitable for children's shows, kids television, cartoon/animation as well as other quirky and whimsical content. Perhaps cheek...
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Crunchy Chocolate

Track Length:  2.37 | Additional Versions : 12

A fun and playful track, suitable for comedy, kids themed productions, TV theme, dramedy and animation, perhaps with cheeky and mischievous characters...
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Fun in the Sun

Track Length:  2.15 | Additional Versions : 18

This is a quirky and fun travel/summer vacation-inspired track with lots of percussion, wacky sound effects and vocal phrases. Playful and upbeat, thi...
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Funny Friends

Track Length:  2.32 | Additional Versions : 14

A happy and playful orchestral soundtrack suitable for film, animation, comedy, children's themed productions, kids television shows, cartoons, and ot...
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Shining Like a Light

Track Length:  2.31 | Additional Versions : 14

This happy and upbeat tune is full of joy and excitement, featuring piano, drums and strings. This feel-good track is perfect for fun and humorous con...
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Another Happy Day 30secs

Track Length:  0.30

30 seconds edit of the main music track 'Another Happy Day'. Happy, carefree and a tiny bit mad. This bouncy uptempo orchestral overture is suitable f...
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Another Happy Day Vintage

Track Length:  2.07

Alternative 'Vintage' version of the main music track 'Another Happy Day' with extra added retro appeal. Happy, carefree and a tiny bit mad. This boun...
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Dewdropper 30secs

Track Length:  0.31

30 seconds edit. Cute and quirky, this 1920's clarinet-based cue is fast-paced and comedic. Superb for comedy, dramedy, children's shows and period pi...
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