Ambient / Rhythmic Textures

Ambient sounds with rhythmic and percussive elements creating relaxing music with plenty of rhythmn and texture.

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Tremo Stinger 6

Track Length:  0.14

Mellow and relaxing chill-out track with lo-fi elements mixed with bright and warm acoustic guitar, rich string pads and a very deep and smooth beat t...
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On The Breeze

Track Length:  1.00 | Additional Versions : 1

A guitar chord rings out in amongst the swirling chords and space sound effects.
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On The Breeze (Loop)

Track Length:  0.16

A short version of 'On The Breeze' for looping.
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Track Length:  3.30 | Additional Versions : 1

Sweeping chords and busy rhythms create a mechanical feeling. Medium Tempo.
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Recharging (Loop)

Track Length:  0.17

A short version of 'Recharging' for looping.
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In the Mood

Track Length:  2.33

Ambient rhythmic electronica with a strong sense of movement. Suitable for technology / information based video productions and other media projects.
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Ambient Drum and Bass

Track Length:  2.02

Ambient opening into electronic drum and bass rhythm.
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Be Gone

Track Length:  2.13

Dreamlike track with old school breakbeat, saw square bass, chimes, soft analog pad, glassy pad, xylophone lead, joyful, bouncing.
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Beyond Horizons

Track Length:  2.07

Techno bass pattern, spacey fx, ambient pad, harmonic guitar melody, lo-fi perc and loops, big band hits, soft, warm, longing.
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Empty Feelings

Track Length:  2.14

Medium slow ambient track, tempo 94, chimey pad with finger bells, evolving pulse pad, xylophone synth, lap steel guitar, hopeful, sombre, spacey.
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