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Latest Royalty Free Music

Lift Me Higher

Track Length:  2.14 | Additional Versions : 13

An uplifting corporate pop track full of inspiration and optimism. This background music is upbeat and feel-good, perfect for corporate video projects...
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Life Is Good

Track Length:  2.48 | Additional Versions : 14

A positive, inspiring background track that moves along at a moderate pace. Easy-going and pleasant, this is perfect music for many types of projects ...
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In the Shadows

Track Length:  2.43 | Additional Versions : 18

Spy/espionage soundtrack full of mystery and intrigue with funky guitar and bass, and intriguing strings. Suitable for spy, thriller, mystery, espiona...
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Talking About

Track Length:  1.57 | Additional Versions : 15

This is a busy electro track with lots of sounds, texture and rhythms going on. It keeps moving forward, driving along at a moderate pace, good music ...
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Sea Breeze

Track Length:  2.13 | Additional Versions : 12

A slow ambient/electronic downtempo groove. Relaxed and chilled, this electronica chillout track brings to mind images of relaxation, luxury beachfron...
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Ocean Life

Track Length:  2.14 | Additional Versions : 14

An easy-going and charming track featuring acoustic guitar and ethnic sounding drums. It has a world feel to it, perhaps tropical islands with their e...
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New Morning

Track Length:  2.08 | Additional Versions : 11

Cool and laidback, this chilled-out groove is perfect for stylish and luxury themed productions whether that be for vacation, hotels, spa, lifestyle o...
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Hello New Times

Track Length:  2.00 | Additional Versions : 13

An up-tempo, driving pop-rock track lead by electric guitar and lots of percussion. Great for positive and happy content whether that be feel-good vid...
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Sincerity (M.Parks)

Track Length:  2.18 | Additional Versions : 13

An easy-going and positive background track that would work well in a range of projects including corporate video, lifestyle and travel programmes, va...
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Writing the Future

Track Length:  2.38 | Additional Versions : 13

Energetic and uplifting, this feel-good, electro-pop track would be good for commercials, advertising, and video content that needs confident and upli...
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