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Build the Tension

Track Length:  1.57

Tense and nerve-wracking soundtrack using dark synth textures. Foreboding and suspenseful.
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A Narrow Escape

Track Length:  1.31

Fast tempo. This piece starts with bells and percussion over a dark pad sound and the occasional bass thump before bursting into live with rapid percu...
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S R Clarinet

Track Length:  2.45

Quick arpeggios from a clarinet give a feeling of uncertainty and tension, whilst the constant notes backed by limited accompaniment give a real mecha...
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Chasing Shadows

Track Length:  2.49

Tires squealing, sirens blaring, adrenalin flowing. The Chase begins. Dramatic, suspenseful, powerful track mixing electronic and orchestral elements:...
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Casualties of War 2

Track Length:  1.30

An alternative version of Casualties of War, an emotional and dramatic underscore. Highly suitable for film and TV, a mystery soundtrack that creates ...
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Casualties of War 3

Track Length:  1.31

Third version of Casualties of War. With plenty of emotion, drama and intrigue, this mystery soundtrack is ideal as an underscore for film and TV.
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Dark Alley

Track Length:  1.29

Dark, surreal, negative and ambient mystery and suspense music suitable for film, TV and video projects. Piano, strings, ambience, percussions, synths
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Track Length:  2.19

Dark, creepy and suspenseful orchestral soundtrack. The monks choir, female voice and ominous sounds add to the eeriness, highly suitable for horror, ...
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Track Length:  1.59

Dark, surreal, ambient, negative, mystery and suspense music suitable for film, TV and video projects. Contemporary sound design, big drums, ambient p...
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