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Just Knowing You Care

Track Length:  4.18

A tender and romantic waltz with piano, synth lead, strings, bowed bass, guitar, harp, cellos and F horn.
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Lost in a Trance

Track Length:  4.31

Classic styled tango with piano, bandoneon, bass and guitar.
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Track Length:  2.37

Passionate tango waltz with piano, acoustic bass, bandoneon and acoustic guitar.
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The Longest Day

Track Length:  3.51

A mysterious yet hopeful Latin waltz with piano, bass, percussion, guitar, vibes and flute.
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Violets for You

Track Length:  2.36

Passionate tango waltz with piano, acoustic bass, bandoneon, cello and acoustic guitar.
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Weeping Willow Tango

Track Length:  3.47

Sad and melancholic tango with piano, bandoneon, guitar, baby bass, clarinet and Flamenco guitar taps.
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What May Come

Track Length:  3.46

A quick French musette waltz filed with angst and passion. accordion, piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, and clarinet. improvised accordion & pian...
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Desert Fall Shore

Track Length:  3.32

Standing on the edge of a precipice, large open expanse of barren land in front of you. Spacey sounds leading into a free fall. Mood: calming. Tempo: ...
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Race The Wire

Track Length:  3.07

Old school rockers play stadium improvised solo's for one last time?Mood: Happy, Fit, Passionate, Enthusiastic. Tempo: moderately agile. Lead Instrume...
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Deep Secrets Love Promise

Track Length:  4.33

Melodic, romantic film soundtrack style. Strings, piano, flute, acoustic guitar. Tender, romantic, personal and touching; love climax at 3 min 50 secs...
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