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March of the Ducks

Track Length:  2.16

Why do ducks constantly embarrass themselves with their awkward attempt at marching? Maybe this music will help them stay in line. Featuring piano, tu...
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Parade of Fools

Track Length:  2.15

Piano, snare drum, tuba, flute. reminiscent of a 1940's war era POW camp movie. think 'Stalag 17' or 'Bridge over the River Kwai'.
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Peanut Gallery

Track Length:  2.33

Marimba, acoustic guitar, tuba, drums, accordion, flute, trombone. comical, whimsical and entertaining, like a child's puppet show.
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Steeltown Blues March

Track Length:  3.07

Swinging jazz march with a bluesy feel, featuring tuba, snare drum, flute, piano and brass.
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The Duck Battalion

Track Length:  3.24

A march to help get those unruly ducks in a row! Featuring acoustic bass, ukulele, acoustic guitar, marimba, piano and tin whistle.
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The Usual Suspects

Track Length:  2.12

Piano, snare drum, tuba, flute, guitar, brass. reminiscent of a 1940's war era POW camp movie. think Hogan's Heroes
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Through Thick and Thin

Track Length:  2.40

Piano, snare drum, acoustic bass, flute, brass. forthright and strong, brimming with patriotism!
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Todays The Day (S.Peck)

Track Length:  3.03

Humorous yet hopeful, marching on to an uncertain future. Banjo, tuba, snare drum and flute.
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