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Gone Walkabout

Track Length:  2.33 | Additional Versions : 1

Featuring Didgeridoo with pan-pipe melody in this Australian influenced music track. Big open spaces in the Australian bush. Atmospheric and ambient.
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Track Length:  1.58 | Additional Versions : 1

Soft, eerie atmosphere with long, spacious synth chords for science fiction, ghosts, hauntings and the paranormal
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Serengeti Sunset

Track Length:  2.09 | Additional Versions : 1

Ambient and eerie landscape. Sounds of nature and atmospheres in the vast openness of the African Serengeti.
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Track Length:  2.24

Big swirling chords and the sounds of nature create a big sounding ambient track. Light rhythm in places.
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Hiding Place (Loop)

Track Length:  0.05

Very short loop with a sense of fear. Tension rises towards end of loop sequence.
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Track Length:  2.56

Modern rnb instrumental with timbaland-style drums, scary, spooky synth basslines, and an eerie, uneasy, suspenseful feel.
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Dark Swamp 1min

Track Length:  1.00 | Additional Versions : 2

Ambient, dark, eerie, atmospheric, soundscape, deep south, atmosphere
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