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Undercover Mischief

Track Length:  1.55 | Additional Versions : 3

Tense pizzicato strings, vibes and urban beats create a comic tension. Middle section suggests a lighter sense of discovery, before returning to the m...
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Meet the Quirks Long Looping

Track Length:  1.14

A quirky and funny 'dramedy' track. Cheeky, fun and lighthearted. 85 BPM.
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Kooky Count

Track Length:  2.03

Whimsical orchestral mix featuring violins, bass, clarinet and tubas starting sparsely leading to upbeat, mid-tempo interactions. Lends itself to ligh...
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Awkward Morning

Track Length:  2.00

Clarinet, pizzicato strings, tuba, flutes and bassoon unite in a sparse, then moving to integrated playful roust giving way to a light and humorous de...
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Boobs and Fools

Track Length:  1.48 | Additional Versions : 1

Dramatic strings open with playful orchestral banter between tubas, percussion, and pizzicato strings. Lends itself to comedic situations involving fr...
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Boobs and Fools No Percussion

Track Length:  1.47

Alternative version of the main music track 'Boobs and Fools' without percussion.
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Impish Jester

Track Length:  2.08

Pizzicato strings, flutes and bass mingle in an organic undertow for a sparse and easy delivery. Light Latin feel. Lends itself to situations involvin...
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Jolly Squirrel

Track Length:  2.03

Whimsical orchestral mix of high to low strings featuring pizzicato techniques in a lively interplay. Lends itself to light and comedic situations ent...
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Mischievous Pete

Track Length:  2.01 | Additional Versions : 1

Whimsical orchestral mix of snare drum, tambourine, clarinets, and flutes, starting sparsely leading to sparse mid-tempo interplay. Light Latin feel. ...
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Mischievous Pete No Percussion

Track Length:  1.58

Alternative version of the main music track 'Mischievous Pete' without percussion.
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