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Track Length:  3.51 | Additional Versions : 9

Real orchestral recording. Rich cellos and aching violins featured in this dramatic backdrop perfect for any large scene of human striving or romantic...
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Duality Strings and Harp

Track Length:  2.03

Recorded with real orchestra, this sweeping theme invokes the ageless and timeless, and is presented in settings that are both intimate and imbued wit...
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Requiem for Your Soul

Track Length:  2.30 | Additional Versions : 4

Eternal and sorrowful, poignant yet grandiose piece. Beautiful live orchestra and choir recording also featured by church organ and piano. Regret, sad...
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Funky Baddy

Track Length:  3.12 | Additional Versions : 9

A laid-back, finger snappin' funky brass and breaks track very reminiscent of the music from the movie 'Snatch'. Upbeat and funky as hell, this track ...
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Olympic Glory

Track Length:  5.07 | Additional Versions : 8

This track was recorded with a real live orchestra. Heroic, touching, inspiring piece full of hope, glory and emotion. Good for sports, acts of herois...
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Track Length:  8.12

Moody, slow jazz track with a laid-back lounge feel. Featuring double bass slowly wandering around the broad bass notes which underpin the subtle pian...
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After Hours

Track Length:  7.05

A moderately paced jazz lounge piece with a slightly drunken feel at times. Features walking bassline played on a double bass, piano and saxophone. Pa...
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One Last Dance

Track Length:  7.57

Kicks of with bass and jazz guitar playing rhythmically at a moderate pace before being joined by tenor saxophone and piano solo sections. Has a jazz ...
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Track Length:  5.22

A fast paced walking bassline starts this piece with piano stabs until a tenor saxophone joins with interspersed jazz solos. Would make a great backgr...
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Happy Frank

Track Length:  1.24 | Additional Versions : 4

Funky and positive track with jazzy groove. It features organ and piano melody, double bass and jazz drum kit. Kind of old-school fun. 155 BPM.
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