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Track Length:  2.43

Australian outback didge playing and dance beats make an exciting track come alive and a real feeling of adventure. A driving bass line gives this tra...
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Outback Groove No Perc

Track Length:  2.17

Alternative version of the main music track 'Outback Groove' without percussion. Didgeridoos and drums creating a lively and busy sound with reference...
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Australian Ancestry

Track Length:  2.43 | Additional Versions : 13

Mystical with a modern touch, this track features an ensemble of Australian didgeridoos with Australian percussion and modern pads and a little tribal...
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Gone Walkabout

Track Length:  2.33 | Additional Versions : 1

Featuring Didgeridoo with pan-pipe melody in this Australian influenced music track. Big open spaces in the Australian bush. Atmospheric and ambient.
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Fertile Land

Track Length:  6.02 | Additional Versions : 3

A real mix of Asia and the countries in the Pacific Ocean. A didgeridoo backing to Indian percussion forms the backing of the track. Also contains ori...
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Fertile Land (Loop 1)

Track Length:  0.12

A short version of 'Fertile Land' for looping. Main didgeridoo and Indian Rhythm section.
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Fertile Land (Loop 2)

Track Length:  0.12

A short version of 'Fertile Land' for looping. Vocal Chanting.
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Fertile Land (Loop 3)

Track Length:  0.12

A short version of 'Fertile Land' for looping. Oriental stringed instrument section.
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Outback Ramble

Track Length:  2.33 | Additional Versions : 8

An earthy, folky, laid-back and easy going outdoor / nature track featuring acoustic guitars and piano. Happy and light hearted, but in a relaxed way,...
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Outback Ramble 30secs

Track Length:  0.30

30 seconds edit of the main track 'Outback Ramble'.
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