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Dark Ages Place of Tragedy

Track Length:  3.55

A very dark semi-orchestral film score backdrop filled with personal tragedy. At times dissonant, elements of horror but not up-front. Underlying, ner...
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Dark Ages Prayer Hour

Track Length:  4.20

Dark, ominous orchestral underscore. Deep piano, bell, cello, voices. Occasional vocal pads with a slightly religious or ritualistic feeling. Dark chu...
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Dark Ages Premonition

Track Length:  1.26

Dark underscore for drama, horror or dark adventure. Piano, cello, tinkles and dark horns. Slightly dizzy feeling, as though feeling disoriented, conf...
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Dark Ages The Forest

Track Length:  2.03

Mysterious, semi-orchestral soundtrack. Background for adventure, drama, horror or history material. Low intensity, providing a background nerve witho...
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Dark Ages The Plague

Track Length:  1.15

Musical underscore bed depicting tragedy, death, doom or sickness. Dark pads, rattling reverberant shells, subtle horn and cello. Deep, low level gian...
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Dark Ages Undertow

Track Length:  3.29

Low level, dark drama underscore. Suspenseful, suggestive. Cello, piano, subtle horns and string section. Intrigue, drama, personal conflict. Good as ...
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Dark Undertow

Track Length:  2.26 | Additional Versions : 5

A dark textured, otherworldly sound that creeps in and provides a sickening sense of horror and dismay. Suspenseful, dark ambient soundscape.
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