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Twisted Imagination Strings Only

Track Length:  3.16

A track of uneasy discord and mysterious twists and turns. A disturbed mind, a fragile sanity? 120 BPM.
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Apologies Strings Only

Track Length:  1.26

Strings only version of the main music track 'Apologies'. Reflective and solemn underscore for film / TV. Heartfelt, fragile, sore.
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Sometimes Lonely

Track Length:  2.45

A somewhat melancholy and contemplative piano track with some subtle strings and guitar effects. Although mainly melancholy, there is also phrases wit...
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Dark Interrogation

Track Length:  4.14

Things cant get too much worse than this background musical score for drama. Mood: intense, disturbing, swaying. Tempo: slow. Lead Instruments: keyboa...
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Rough Candle Blues

Track Length:  3.00

Organ intro, into a rhythmical bass groove, cool and funky alt blues. Mood: easy going. Tempo: slow. Lead Instruments: Organ
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Sci-fi Scary

Track Length:  2.03

Solaris style sci-fi ambiance & industrial metallic sounds. Mood: cold, depressed, mysterious. Tempo: slow. Lead Instruments: keyboards, industrial no...
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Chaotic Mind

Track Length:  2.24 | Additional Versions : 4

Eerie and mysterious horror, sci-fi underscore with various textured sounds, something between sound design and music composition. Slightly disturbing...
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Chaotic Mind 30secs

Track Length:  0.32

30 seconds edit of the main track 'Chaotic Mind'.
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Chaotic Mind 60secs

Track Length:  1.00

60 seconds edit of the main track 'Chaotic Mind'.
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Chaotic Mind Loop 01

Track Length:  0.25

Short edit of the main track 'Chaotic Mind' for looping.
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