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Track Length:  4.14

Oscillating orbital cues mix with low and mellow undercurrents featuring techno synths droning in dream-scape fusions. Great for scenes depicting a lo...
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Track Length:  4.11

Edgy atmospheres featuring hand drums, gongs and synthesizers. Suspenseful, dark and ambient with shifting tension, this underscore provokes feelings ...
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Track Length:  4.00

Dark and heavy atmosphere features a mixture of subtle gongs, offsetting a dissonant bed laced with ill-at-ease builds and falls throughout. Perfect f...
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Track Length:  4.07

Mysterious atmospheres ebb and flow while tension builds with a forbidding low pulse. Anticipation gives way to sudden urgency as the murky backdrop e...
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The Assignment

Track Length:  3.45

An orchestral hybrid featuring a consistent low pulse accented by snare drum hits and static string stabs. Evoking an edgy and foreboding ambience wit...
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The Goll

Track Length:  3.48

Distant, sparse rhythms consisting of drums, airy synths, and metal clanks combine to produce a steady and mysterious undercurrent. This piece lends i...
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Vis Inertae

Track Length:  4.04

Slow and steady atmosphere featuring builds of synths, gongs and drums to create a floating bed of wonder cresting toward fear. Good for reality-based...
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Evil Within

Track Length:  2.40

Insistent rumbles ebb and flow among waves of echoing subterranean textures and shimmering accents. Calls forth feelings of trepidation, stress and un...
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Psycho Stalker

Track Length:  2.39

Low pulse with smatterings of industrial textures and dissonant hums, calling forth feelings of agitated despair and cautious trepidation. Ideal for f...
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After Dark

Track Length:  1.54 | Additional Versions : 1

A dark ambient synth-based track with ethnic female vocalisations. Melancholy and emotional. Great for adding tension and drama to a scene, or to high...
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