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Spooky Halloween Music

As Halloween approaches, add an extra layer of spookiness to your projects with some ghostly and eerie music. Get creative and experiment with different types of creepy and haunting music to find the perfect match for your project. Scare and delight your audience with some spine-tingling tunes this Halloween season.

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Results for Spooky Halloween Music

House of Halloween

Track Length:  1.55 | Additional Versions : 6

Classic horror film sound. A bit retro, typical 'haunted house' or monsters horror flick. Chamber orchestra, scattered piano, nervous strings. Deadly ...
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Halloween Nightmare

Track Length:  1.41

This is simply a horror soundscape made of droning bass notes and all types of sound effects such as heart beats, footsteps and a creaking door. Helps...
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Breathe the Beast

Track Length:  2.47

Rhythmic electronic sway ebbing in and out with menacing sweeps and otherworldly shimmering injections. Envelopes feelings of urgency, anxiety and fea...
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Evil Within

Track Length:  2.40

Insistent rumbles ebb and flow among waves of echoing subterranean textures and shimmering accents. Calls forth feelings of trepidation, stress and un...
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Hell Ride

Track Length:  2.50

Dissonant pulses meld with undulating textures ranging from high shimmering sweeps to menacing undertones. Suspenseful moods conjure feelings of appre...
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Sinister Halloween Twinkle Twinkle v1

Track Length:  0.26

A slow, morbid, foreboding version of the classic rhyme 'Twinkle Twinkle...'. The instrumentation is piano and voice sounds to give it an eerie haunti...
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The Scarlet Witch

Track Length:  1.32 | Additional Versions : 12

A dark, creepy and sinister track that is eerie and twisted - suitable for a TV show opening theme like Hemlock Grove. Piano, violin, strings, music b...
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Spooky Adventure

Track Length:  1.43 | Additional Versions : 8

Spooky and quirky comedy track made with orchestral sounds and theremin. Eerie / Cartoonish / Quirky. 80 BPM.
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Creepy Orchestra

Track Length:  1.17

Creepy Orchestra is a classical track perfect for your video game, cinematic and Halloween projects, whenever you?re in need of a spooky and suspensef...
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Ghostly Mansion

Track Length:  2.36 | Additional Versions : 11

Calm, creepy, casual and atmospheric track with accordion, a music box and orchestral instruments that give an element of being locked inside a spooky...
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