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Lee's Corporate Music

Welcome to Lee's Corporate Music collection, a source of positive and uplifting background music for corporate videos, presentations, and motivational content. Explore this curated selection of tracks created to infuse your projects with optimism and motivational energy. Perfect for setting the tone for professional presentations or adding a vibrant touch to promotional videos, this music enhances the atmosphere of any corporate production. With dynamic rhythms and inspiring melodies, each track is designed to enhance your message and engage your audience.

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Results for Lee's Corporate Music

Follow Your Dreams

Track Length:  2.45 | Additional Versions : 14

A positive and uplifting track that drives along at a moderate pace. Optimistic and easy-going, this is perfect background music for many types of pro...
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Making Memories

Track Length:  2.13 | Additional Versions : 17

A happy and pleasant corporate pop track with a feeling of contentment and accomplishment. Warm, uplifting and positive, this background music is perf...
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Look to the Future

Track Length:  1.08 | Additional Versions : 6

A motivational corporate piano piece with uplifting strings. This track creates a feeling of happiness and positivity, inspiring and a positive outloo...
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The Time Has Come (L.P)

Track Length:  2.46 | Additional Versions : 18

An uplifting and motivational background track that would work well with themes of business, achievement, goal setting, striving for personal success ...
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Rise to the Top (L.P)

Track Length:  2.48 | Additional Versions : 14

An upbeat, happy and motivational corporate track that drives along at a moderate pace. It would work well with themes of business, teamwork, goals, s...
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The Future Is Ours

Track Length:  2.46 | Additional Versions : 17

Happy, positive and easy-going, this track would work in a range of projects including corporate video, travel, family values and light entertainment,...
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Flying High (L.P)

Track Length:  4.36 | Additional Versions : 21

Catchy, upbeat and driven track that evokes feelings of success, achievement and accomplishment. Motivational and inspiring, this track is perfect for...
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Reach New Heights

Track Length:  2.15 | Additional Versions : 12

A feel-good, uplifting corporate pop track full of positivity and happiness. This inspiring and optimistic background track is perfect for many types ...
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Enjoying the Easy Life

Track Length:  2.54 | Additional Versions : 17

A positive and uplifting track, perfect background music to inspire and motivate. Suitable for a range of media productions including corporate video,...
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Gonna Be a Shiny Day

Track Length:  2.07 | Additional Versions : 18

This is an uplifting, joyful, and positive tune ideal for any production that needs to lift the mood and make people smile. Featuring acoustic guitar,...
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