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Crystals are said to have healing powers, spirituality and energy. The following collection of music combined with crystals is ideal for therapy practices and well being products.

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Crystals 01

Track Length:  4.12

Very slow relaxing and beautiful piece of music featuring semi acoustic guitar, piano and synthesised strings. Ideal as relaxing background music for ...
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Crystals 02

Track Length:  6.06

Soothing electric piano, bell trees and delicate semi acoustic guitar make this piece relaxing and great for conjuring emotion with imagery or backgro...
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Crystals 03

Track Length:  4.47

Semi acoustic guitar plays a delicate and beautifully relaxing melody with electric piano and synthesised string pads to accompany.
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Crystals 04

Track Length:  6.05

Wistful and reflective relaxation piece with bells and soft textures. The melody is emotively carried by a semi acoustic guitar and supported by deep ...
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Crystals 05

Track Length:  5.47

A very slow relaxing piece with guitar melody skilfully and effortlessly played on semi acoustic guitar. Backed by string pads and electric piano this...
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Crystals 06

Track Length:  5.45

Interesting and lush chords played on electric piano and string pads support a semi acoustic guitar solo. It has a slight hypnotic feel to the chord p...
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Crystals 07

Track Length:  5.33

Semi acoustic guitar plays a reflective and wistful melody over a bed of string textures and electric piano. Very relaxing.
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Crystals 08

Track Length:  4.55

Optimistic electric piano starts this chilled piece before oriental sounding percussion and bells take the melody. Later in the piece a semi acoustic ...
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Crystals 09

Track Length:  6.18

Lightly played semi acoustic guitar takes the melody in this relaxing and beautiful piece of atmospheric music.
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