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Chill Out - Tibet

Royalty free spiritual music ideal for use in media or as relaxing and meditative background music in a health spa or therapy room. PRS and PPL free, public safe music.

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Results for Chill Out - Tibet

Tibetan Bowls and Sea

Track Length:  23.10

This track starts with the relaxing sound of waves and is later accompanied by the resonance of Tibetan bowls. This long playing track is ideal for we...
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Tibetan Bowls and Forest

Track Length:  27.00

This long playing track is ideal for relaxation and meditation purposes and could be used in therapy related products or practices. The piece is made ...
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The Heart Sutra

Track Length:  5.03

Synth pads, ethnic voices and percussive harp sound start this ambient piece. Later a broad bassline gives this a slight feel of a ballad but with a w...
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The Fire of Wisdom

Track Length:  5.10

Long sweeping synth textures support this moderately paced track with world percussion and world voices giving a spiritual, meditative feel.
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Eastern Moon

Track Length:  6.02

Haunting voices pierce an ambient soundscape before deep bass and piano join. The world drums and instruments make this atmospheric and a little myste...
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Majesty of Chomo Langma

Track Length:  5.17

Mid to up-tempo track with fast little rhythms over an ambient soundtrack of synth pad sounds, ethnic voices and pianos to start with. Later in the pi...
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Snow Lions in the Mist

Track Length:  5.59

World drums and percussive sounds start this track before rich, soothing synth pads join in. This is soon accompanied by female world voices to create...
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Inner Space

Track Length:  5.33

World percussion sounds start this piece with soft synth texture joining in to give an atmospheric feel. Ethnic voices accompany the percussion buildi...
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In Faith of Two Truths

Track Length:  3.20

Magical bell sounds start this chilled track with oriental voice samples. The synth textures and world feel with simple bassline create a steady and r...
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Track Length:  5.28

Slow synth pads sound start this piece with world voices. When the bassline starts the piece feels busier and has a slight minor tone making it feel q...
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