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Get The Funk

Track Length:  3.07 | Additional Versions : 9

Relentlessly grooving funk bassline with drums, funky guitar licks, slap bass and occasional horns. Continuous, tireless forward stride, groovy, rough...
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Groovy Aliens

Track Length:  2.45 | Additional Versions : 9

Digital, futuristic techno-funk with controlled aggression. Thumping synth bass swell, biting guitar riffs, squeaky synths and blippy digitals combine...
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Track Length:  2.35 | Additional Versions : 11

A mellow, acoustic underscore with acoustic guitars and a rich, lush string section. Dreamy, a little wistful and ethereal, thoughtful, insightful and...
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Track Length:  2.46 | Additional Versions : 10

Determined, gritty and funky, hard biting guitar riffs with rock drums and more industrial / mechanical synth and guitar elements. Heavily processed, ...
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Inner Vibe

Track Length:  3.07 | Additional Versions : 9

Staccato and forward driven, mid-tempo urban beat. The strong beat and slightly off key guitar and Rhodes licks give the track a somewhat dirty street...
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Killer Glam

Track Length:  2.59 | Additional Versions : 9

Essentially a hardcore techno / breakbeat track mixed with elements of the Glam Rock of the 1970's. This unique and cheeky number is both gritty, nast...
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Lets Mosh

Track Length:  3.01 | Additional Versions : 10

An energetic, hostile and aggressive Industrial / Hard rock / Breakbeat crossover track with hard biting guitar riffs, slamming, stuttering and broken...
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Low Life

Track Length:  3.12 | Additional Versions : 10

Slamming, edgy drum beat with dark and pulsating synth patterns. A sense of a dark underworld, industrial, post-modern, perhaps post-apocalyptic world...
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Mardi Party

Track Length:  2.42 | Additional Versions : 10

Funk, fast tempo, slap bass and up-tempo drums with congas for a carnival or party feel. A little bit dreamy / trippy, a slight nod to the 1970's, com...
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Miami Nice

Track Length:  3.02 | Additional Versions : 9

Chilled-out, cool and funky lounge, with a 1970's or 1980's feel. Funk bass with live drums, subtle funk guitar riffing and a soft trumpet lick. Feel-...
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