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Blue Grass Mellow

Track Length:  2.59 | Additional Versions : 7

A homey and cosy acoustic track featuring banjo, acoustic guitar and piano. Sincere, heartening and joyful with a caring, nostalgic feel. 160 BPM.
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Under the Open Sky

Track Length:  1.54 | Additional Versions : 6

A warm, sincere and nostalgic track with acoustic guitar and dreamy, hazy electric piano. Occasional distant marching snares. Homey, relaxed and a wis...
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Perfect Day

Track Length:  2.19 | Additional Versions : 7

A happy and vibrant, light acoustic folk / country track. Layers of acoustic guitar, light percussion and subtle piano. Friendly and homey, with a pos...
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Feels Like Home

Track Length:  2.44 | Additional Versions : 7

Bright, light and positive acoustic guitar track. Subtle piano melodies and soft synth pads join in. Happy, easy going and uncomplicated. A little bit...
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Folk Indie Acoustic

Track Length:  2.35 | Additional Versions : 8

A mellow, but happy and friendly, acoustica / folk track with acoustic guitars and subtle piano. Feel-good melodies, friendly and with a slightly mela...
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Gone Fishing

Track Length:  2.00 | Additional Versions : 8

A happy and relaxed acoustica track. Acoustic guitar and whistling a care free tune. Playful, easy-going. 150 BPM.
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Happy Faces

Track Length:  2.30 | Additional Versions : 8

A happy and light hearted, instrumental Acoustica / Folk-pop track. Feel-good, easy going, carefree. Acoustic guitar strumming and joyful piano melodi...
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Holding Hands

Track Length:  3.35 | Additional Versions : 7

A nice and soft country acoustic instrumental with strumming acoustic guitars and subtle piano melodies. 115 BPM.
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Home is Where the Heart Is

Track Length:  2.25 | Additional Versions : 9

A warm, light and mellow Folk / Acoustica track featuring acoustic guitars. Homey, friendly feel. 155 BPM.
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Mellow Morning

Track Length:  2.23 | Additional Versions : 8

Mellow, easy-going, laid back and joyful Acoustica track with acoustic guitars plus subtle piano and bell melodies. Homey, blissful. 100 BPM.
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