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Track Length:  4.11

Trippy, suspenseful psychedelic house track with rising filters, squelchy synth basslines and a 90's dance feel.
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Sweeter Higher

Track Length:  3.36

Light-hearted slow pop-reggae track with sweet pop chord changes, melodic synths and a general sunny good-time feel.
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Triptomatic Solitaire

Track Length:  4.06

Mid-tempo funk rnb track with jazz-funk-soul chord progressions, acoustic guitars, wah-wah guitars, sharp rhythmic stabs and phat urban funk drums.
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We Got It Vibin

Track Length:  3.44

Light poppy Latin disco pop-dance track with a good-time euphoric feel. uplifting chord progressions, sweet strings and energetic Spanish guitar.
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Workin On My Freak

Track Length:  3.45

Dramatic, pounding 128 bpm basement jaxx-style funk-house track with big epic disco string hooks, driving rock guitar lick and dreamy atmospheric brea...
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Wrap Haji

Track Length:  3.41

Classy 128 bpm disco dance track with big poppy hooks and swishing drums, dreamy Rhodes piano, catchy melodic hooks, and a 16-bar cyclic chord progres...
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Xanax Electro-rock

Track Length:  3.31

Punchy emo electro-rock track with big raunchy jangly rock guitars, melodic orchestral string arpeggios, pulsating synths and euphoric rising chord pr...
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You Bring Me Back

Track Length:  3.47

Poppy euro-house track with a light-hearted summery club feel. lush pop piano chords, punchy funk electric bassline, and catchy melodic hooks.
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