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A Place to Call Home

Track Length:  3.23 | Additional Versions : 2

A beautifully delicate track featuring piano and solo cello that will work for scenes of warmth, welcoming, comfort and contentment. A solo piano vers...
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Alone in a Cafe in Paris

Track Length:  3.16 | Additional Versions : 6

A romantic and seductive cinematic track that will work for scenes of love and grandeur. 65 BPM.
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Track Length:  3.18 | Additional Versions : 5

A feeling of floating free without limits. A grand epic track that starts as a simple solo violin then escalates to a full sequenced orchestrated clim...
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In the Tears

Track Length:  1.57

A quiet reflective track in the style of Schindler?s List that will work for scenes of pain, grief, weeping and sorrow. 70 BPM.
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Its Only a Dream

Track Length:  2.33 | Additional Versions : 5

A mystical and ethereal track that will work for scenes of fantasy, dreaming and fantasy. 75 BPM.
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Mothers Lullaby

Track Length:  3.14 | Additional Versions : 1

A sweet, gentle and tender track featuring quiet piano and string quartet that will work for scenes of understanding and empathy. A solo piano version...
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Murder in the Garden

Track Length:  2.30 | Additional Versions : 6

An Agatha Christie type of mystery theme. Sweeping string lines, suspenseful style. A bit cheeky and playful. 110 BPM.
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Music Box

Track Length:  2.57 | Additional Versions : 8

A dreamy, nostalgic and haunting track that will work for scenes of reminiscing and discovery. 80 BPM.
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Please Dont Go

Track Length:  4.19 | Additional Versions : 5

A sad and emotional track in the style of Ennio Morricone that will work for scenes of love, yearning and beseeching. 55 BPM.
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Track Length:  2.20 | Additional Versions : 2

A reflective and intimate track that will work for scenes of quiet reflection, memories and peace. A solo piano version is also available. 100 BPM.
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