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Gorky Park

Track Length:  1.47 | Additional Versions : 4

This acoustic performance glides along in an uncommon 5/4 time signature which really helps the track flow in a sweet way. Violin and clarinet take th...
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Track Length:  1.51 | Additional Versions : 5

This airy track has all the feeling of covert movements and insider dealings due to the subdued atmosphere created by the light percussion and synth c...
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Old Saloon

Track Length:  1.00 | Additional Versions : 3

Honky-tonk piano playing quickly as in a pianola mechanism creates a sense of fun and nostalgia in this fast silent movie style track. Suitable for qu...
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Longing for Peace

Track Length:  1.10 | Additional Versions : 2

Violin and piano combine in this sad piece. Melancholy is the theme of this track which is full of heartache. A longing for better times is apparent i...
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Mystery (Version 1)

Track Length:  3.15 | Additional Versions : 5

This longer version of 'Mystery' starts with a piano playing the haunting melodies. Bass and flute join in to increase the tension and heighten the se...
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Bite The Bullet

Track Length:  1.54 | Additional Versions : 2

Loud electronic track with a chaotic yet almost industrial mechanical feel. Strange rhythmic sounds and percussion nearly drifting out of time add to ...
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Bluesy town

Track Length:  1.54 | Additional Versions : 2

Solo piano blues with simple melodies make you sad and lonely. Downbeat and disheartening with a fairly slow tempo, this track will have you feeling l...
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Track Length:  1.34

A quirky and odd track containing percussive and bright bell sounds which pierce the gloom of the deep bass synth pad creating a really abstract and s...
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Great Ballroom

Track Length:  1.29 | Additional Versions : 1

A solo piano piece. Classical in style varying between baroque and fugue, this strict tempo track feels very mechanical and almost automated to portra...
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Late Saturday

Track Length:  1.49 | Additional Versions : 4

Bouncy bass and rhythms contribute to this slightly strange yet groovy track. Deep bass, synth melodies and piano accompaniment create a quirky and fu...
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