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Above the Clouds (L.Ayers)

Track Length:  1.57

Pop, corporate, medium tempo, 122 bpm, acoustic piano melody, acoustic guitar arpeggio, warm string pad, cool, easy, peaceful, uplifting.
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Road to Stardom

Track Length:  2.11

Medium tempo dance track, tempo 125, analog delay bass, trance synth, wah guitar, sweeping filter synth.
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Vision of Sound

Track Length:  2.20

Medium tempo ambient track, tempo 117, hollow fretless bass, breathy lo-fi flute, acoustic guitar, string pad.
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Close to Tomorrow

Track Length:  2.31

Slow downtempo track, tempo 86, pluck bell synth, mallet lead, airy pads, tremolo guitar, pulsating bass, atmospheric.
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Fortune Cookie

Track Length:  2.18

Medium tempo dance track, tempo 115, phase house bassline, trance synth chords, peaceful glassy lead, trancey groove, upbeat, vibrant, syncopated beat...
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Game On

Track Length:  2.10

Cool, funky and urban hip-hop beats.
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Beautiful Day

Track Length:  2.13

Pop, corporate, medium slow tempo, 94 bpm, acoustic piano, acoustic guitar support, sine lead in chorus, adorable, pleasant, uplifting, optimistic.
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Active Progress

Track Length:  2.04

Sweep bass, sinister rock guitar, synth, hi-tech, trancey, high energy, driving.
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Aerial View

Track Length:  2.18

Classical nylon guitar melody with textural synths support, light strings, breakbeat loop, hopeful, soothing, graceful, welcoming.
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Track Length:  2.07

Laid-back funky ambient track, pluck synth, reverse piano chords, plucked harp, strings, breakbeat loop, rhythmic, percussive.
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