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Do It Again

Track Length:  3.26 | Additional Versions : 7

Melodic house / dance / groove-tech track with a mid-tempo beat and a catchy / infectious synth riff. This track is somewhat relaxed yet upbeat at the...
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Feel Me Up

Track Length:  2.45 | Additional Versions : 7

Uptempo, yet also chilled-out, funky holiday track. House / dance / tech groove style that has a chilled, positive and optimistic vibe, slight Lounge ...
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Feel the Rush

Track Length:  3.05 | Additional Versions : 7

Mid to up-tempo house / dance / groove-tech track with an infectious, repeated synth pattern and a groovy beat to keep your toes tapping along. Good t...
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Funky Digits

Track Length:  3.19 | Additional Versions : 7

Mid to up-tempo house / dance track with a tech / digital / modern lifestyle feel; slightly mechanical and staccato, carrying a sense of cutting edge ...
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Looking For You

Track Length:  2.59 | Additional Versions : 7

Nice and chilled-out, ambient pop groove, slightly wistful and melancholic perhaps, but mostly mellow and easy-going. Not too much going on, just a ni...
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Track Length:  2.59 | Additional Versions : 7

Funky tech-house / dance track with a slightly 'hot blooded' feel and lots of zest and attitude. Confident, strutting, a little bit glitchy and 'pumpe...
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Over the Bridge

Track Length:  2.47 | Additional Versions : 6

Calm, dreamy and almost sleepy piece featuring chorused guitar, sparse percussion and few piano notes; a repeated chord pattern draws the listener in ...
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Track Length:  3.40 | Additional Versions : 7

Positive and upbeat, fresh and friendly house / dance track with a mid to uptempo house beat and chilled-out synth patterns and infectious beats. This...
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Summer Sky

Track Length:  2.50 | Additional Versions : 7

Very mellow, smooth and creamy chill-out track with surly chords, washes of lush and warm pads, soft downtempo chilled lounge beats and a soothing bas...
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Track Length:  2.55 | Additional Versions : 7

Relaxed, mellow chill-out track. Positive, gentle, hopeful and comforting, this track features soothing pads and tinkling rhythmic arpeggios with lush...
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