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Im Yours

Track Length:  3.16

Solo piano. Lovers, with touch of melancholy and longing, as if unsure if it?s going to work out in the end. Rich harmonies alternate between positive...
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Achieve Your Dream

Track Length:  2.40 | Additional Versions : 3

An emotive and melodic, cinematic piece for aspiration and achievement / hopes and dreams. Greatness and everyday heroes. Feel similar to Chariots of ...
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Better Not to Know

Track Length:  2.41 | Additional Versions : 4

Eerie, disturbing and suspenseful. Very ambient. Trance-like repetition of short piano phrases punctuated by string swells. Sparse enough to work with...
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Track Length:  3.26

The title says it all; this solo piano track is full of warmth, friendship and heart. It is a song, with strong melody and chorus, and the structure a...
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Hand in Hand

Track Length:  2.55

Friendly and warm, strongly thematic with enough movement to propel a scene forward. Great for Act II of a romance as the lovers get to know each othe...
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In the Morning Rain

Track Length:  2.51 | Additional Versions : 1

Solo piano, ambient, reflective and introspective, but constantly moving - as if your character is deliberating and coming to important life decisions...
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Track Length:  3.03 | Additional Versions : 2

Piano with or without strings. Tugs at the heart - a nagging feeling that won?t go away. Indecision... Strings add an almost romantic warmth, while th...
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Melancholy Ride

Track Length:  3.02 | Additional Versions : 2

Sparse piano and light strings create a highly emotive track - very introspective and tender. Light suggestions of melody keep this track textural and...
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Missing Person

Track Length:  2.40 | Additional Versions : 2

Pure suspense with lots of tension and a thumping heartbeat. Think a horrific crime scene, or a deadly chase through a dark forest. Repetitive motifs ...
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Out Here On My Own

Track Length:  3.09 | Additional Versions : 2

Very sparse, very tender, almost sad, almost childlike. Introspection and reflection are strongly supported in this cue. Gentle enough to allow dialog...
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