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Party Starts

Track Length:  2.10 | Additional Versions : 10

An upbeat, lively, excited Retro Funk track with the sound and feel of the 1970s or early 80's. Bright and funky horn sections with a great bass line ...
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Sunshine Road

Track Length:  2.18 | Additional Versions : 8

Combining elements of R&B, Disco and Soul, this track blends modern sounds and styles with a retro 1970's feel creating a nice and easy-going smooth f...
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Track Length:  2.13 | Additional Versions : 11

Upbeat, classic Funk or Jazz-Funk style. A little bit retro with hints of 1970's or 1980's cop shows featuring busy bass guitar, syncopated drums and ...
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Do It Funky

Track Length:  2.27 | Additional Versions : 10

Busy, upbeat funk track with slap bass, funky Rhodes clav, syncopated drums and various retro synth licks and a Hammond organ joining in. Excited, coo...
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Funky Mr Brown

Track Length:  2.26 | Additional Versions : 10

Classic funk in the style of James Brown or the Blues Brothers. Cool and strutting with a busy bass line, drums and congas, horns section and funk gui...
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Funky Strut

Track Length:  2.15 | Additional Versions : 12

A somewhat busy, yet also laidback, cool and funky jazz / fusion / funk track. Influenced by lounge, jazz, funk and a fusion of the 1970's and 1980's,...
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Got To Move

Track Length:  2.26 | Additional Versions : 10

Retro funk in the style and sound of James Brown, Maceo Parker, Sly and the Family Stone or early Prince. Fun and funky retro chic with busy bass line...
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Pan American

Track Length:  2.19 | Additional Versions : 11

A funky jazz number or a jazzy funk number if you prefer, with busy, syncopated funk drums, a live horns section and funky wah-wah guitar solos. Influ...
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Track Length:  2.04 | Additional Versions : 8

A fusion of Jazz, Funk and Soul featuring a lazy, syncopated drum groove, funk bass, funk guitar and a live horn section. Classic jazz-funk sound of t...
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Smooth Funky Love

Track Length:  2.24 | Additional Versions : 8

A cool and cruising, mid tempo, jazz-funk track, moderately busy with a feelgood groove. Somewhat relaxed, yet upbeat and positive. 97 BPM.
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