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Planning Ahead

Track Length:  2.08 | Additional Versions : 13

A modern, corporate sounding technology bed track, with slow piano melodies. Pulsing bass and keyboard synths building into a B Section breakdown, tha...
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Hickabilly Hoedown

Track Length:  1.27 | Additional Versions : 12

An upbeat, driving bluegrass tune featuring Dobro slide guitar, live played brush drums doing the train beat. Fun and lively. 180 BPM.
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Freedom of Choice

Track Length:  2.05 | Additional Versions : 10

An upbeat indie electronic track in the style of Owl City and The Postal Service. An Electronic triangle wave arpeggio melody is memorable and give th...
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The Moment It All Comes Together

Track Length:  1.44 | Additional Versions : 8

An orchestral strings cue that is uplifting and joyful. It begins with a soft cello melody, slowing adding a full string sections and a big drum epic ...
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Under Fire

Track Length:  1.45 | Additional Versions : 9

This cue is in the epic cinematic percussion style. A primarily drum focused track, it also features tense chord changes, pulsing strings and synths. ...
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Flowing Into Darkness

Track Length:  2.27 | Additional Versions : 10

A hazy, somewhat melancholy Americana / Acoustic track with a dreamy, slightly dark feel. Has an almost earthy sound. Available with or without a drum...
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Last Summer

Track Length:  4.25 | Additional Versions : 10

A fun upbeat acoustic Indie Rock Track. The final chorus adds claps for a nice party vibe. 110 BPM.
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Morning Time

Track Length:  2.13 | Additional Versions : 10

A fun, upbeat acoustic Indie-Rock / Indie-Pop / Nu-Folk track. Folksy and Homey, with a positive, uplifting feel. Available with or without the Hey! v...
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So Happy

Track Length:  2.21 | Additional Versions : 10

A Ukulele based pop / nu-folk track that is really fun, happy and up-beat. The verses breakdown but keep moving with group claps. The Chorus Ukulele p...
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Walk Beside Me

Track Length:  1.27 | Additional Versions : 7

A solo acoustic guitar piece that's played in Open D Major for a very sustained drone style of guitar. A pulsing low note with a subtle positive melod...
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