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Break Away

Track Length:  2.27 | Additional Versions : 8

Chill out holiday style track, would suit travel clips in both hot and cold climates. Features a nice guitar melody, later builds with a synth part th...
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Break the Silence

Track Length:  2.19 | Additional Versions : 3

Heavy metal mayhem. This track is a blistering in your face festival or riffs and licks with some pounding drums. 180 BPM.
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Breathe Again

Track Length:  2.31 | Additional Versions : 2

Pop rock track with a nod to the 90's Brit pop era. With a simple clean guitar we build up to a chorus section that has a nice melodic feel. 127 BPM.
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Brighter Days

Track Length:  2.20 | Additional Versions : 3

Staccato strings and a punchy beat give this track a vibrant feel. The tone is overall happy and energetic. 128 BPM.
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Track Length:  2.43 | Additional Versions : 9

Modern NuMetal heavy rock track that features some fat crunchy guitar riffs. This track is ideal for extreme sports such as surfing / windsurfing, ska...
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Busta Cap (Loop)

Track Length:  0.31 | Additional Versions : 2

Dark hip hop loop with low bass. 78 BPM.
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7 Days

Track Length:  3.47 | Additional Versions : 7

Powerful heavy rock track, inspired by bands like Linkin Park, has a modern rock edge to this track could be ideal for sports. 110 BPM.
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Track Length:  2.47 | Additional Versions : 15

Funky guitar riff with some powerful sounding parts, breaks down into an acoustic section. A punchy song with lots of attitude that would suit sports ...
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Armageddon (IB)

Track Length:  2.47 | Additional Versions : 16

An up tempo powerful track featuring dance beats fused with orchestral strings that has a dark brooding sound. With some grinding synth sounds and pul...
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City Escape

Track Length:  2.07 | Additional Versions : 18

Bouncy acoustic rock track that is full of positive vibes. The chorus lifts with electric guitars and a lead solo at the end, this also comes with a v...
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