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The Mystery of the Land

Track Length:  3.24 | Additional Versions : 3

A soft, inspiring track that is hard to pin down to a single music genre. Contemporary piano patterns, a tender world / ethnic type vocal. Lush orches...
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The Sun Sets

Track Length:  2.22 | Additional Versions : 2

An inspirational and hopeful World Harmony track with elements from different parts of the world, but with a somewhat African feel. Earthy, positive a...
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Another Chance

Track Length:  2.03 | Additional Versions : 1

This orchestral, neo classical piece starts quietly and grows into a crescendo of wonderment and fulfilment. A solo soprano voice combines with orches...
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Carnival in Dallas

Track Length:  1.27 | Additional Versions : 1

An orchestral, bright and uplifting theme suitable for fun scenes in family adventures. A little bit quirky, but also grand, celebratory and swashbuck...
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Last Mission

Track Length:  3.01 | Additional Versions : 1

A grand and sweeping orchestral / adventure track with a dark, mysterious side. Soprano voices and full orchestra with big percussion. Suitable for mo...
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Morning Way

Track Length:  1.21

A fun, lively and busy orchestral / film score track with a sense of 'beginnings'. Bustling with life, like the morning hour, when everything start to...
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Near Thing

Track Length:  2.15

A dark, rhythmic, orchestral track suitable for conflict, battle, chase or impending action. A methodical rhythm creates a sense of something relentle...
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Nice Adventure

Track Length:  1.30 | Additional Versions : 1

A soaring and happy orchestral piece, full of promise and grandeur. Like the start of a great adventure. Positive, uplifting and expectant. A really n...
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Track Length:  1.40 | Additional Versions : 1

Orchestra and choir combine with contemporary / rock style drums to create a lively, rich, soaring piece of valour and excitement. Triumphant, swashbu...
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Track Length:  1.25

A soaring, touching and emotional orchestral / film score type track. Lush strings. Dignity, class, vital moments. Touching and heartening. Spiritual....
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