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Track Length:  2.06 | Additional Versions : 6

Vigorous Hip Hop and Orchestra track with some choir elements towards the end. Strong heroic feel. Good for sports and epic stuff with an urban twist....
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Boogie Disco

Track Length:  1.32 | Additional Versions : 7

Authentic sounding retro Boogie tune, with a strong Disco vive. Typical sound from the late 70's or early 80's, with synth bass, Nile Rodgers style gu...
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Cowboy From Hell

Track Length:  1.35 | Additional Versions : 7

Ominous and arid western atmosphere, inspired by modern TV drama like Breaking Bad and CSI. Crime and gangster feel, as well as police investigation m...
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Die Trying

Track Length:  2.29 | Additional Versions : 5

Powerful and macho Epic Hip Hop beat, with vigorous stabs and orchestral elements. Strong heroic feel. Good for sports and epic stuff with an urban tw...
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Dope and Jazzy

Track Length:  2.04 | Additional Versions : 3

Cool and laid back jazzy hip hop tune, with a strong influence by J Dilla and 90's rap. [Note: This track contains vinyl scratching / scratchy sounds,...
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English Gangster Flick

Track Length:  3.00 | Additional Versions : 3

Cool upright bass groove, percussion and a fast hip hop breakbeat. Good for spy, gangster, crime and heists scenes. Think 'Snatch', 'Lock Stock & Two ...
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Godfather of Funk

Track Length:  1.59 | Additional Versions : 4

Authentic sounding retro Funk tune a la James Brown. Soulful guitar chords on a funky drum and bass groove topped by snappy saxophone melodies. 100 BP...
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Got to Do It Like This

Track Length:  2.49 | Additional Versions : 3

808 bass drum, nasty synth bass and the typical 'hey hey' sample found on several southern hip hop beats. This track has a fresh pop vibe similar to I...
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Gregorian Groove

Track Length:  4.34 | Additional Versions : 4

Gregorian Chants mixed with a sensual and chilled drum beat, with World Music elements. Typical cool remix music from the 90s. Also nice for natural b...
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Instant Mojo

Track Length:  2.00 | Additional Versions : 3

Dirty and pounding blues rock tune in the style of The Black Keys, with distorted and fuzz guitars, and a killer drum beat. 82 BPM.
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