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Pass Me By

Track Length:  4.08 | Additional Versions : 9

Dreamlike electronic pop track with a retro feel. Spacious pads and shimmering synths over a driving beat. Inspiring and uplifting. Explosions in the ...
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Track Length:  3.01 | Additional Versions : 9

Cool, airy electronic pop track. Chilled pads over thick analogue bass and a laid back beat. Fresh, heartening and invigorating. 128 BPM.
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Always With You

Track Length:  2.30 | Additional Versions : 9

An ambient, chilled electronic track featuring reverby synths and emotional piano, and retro electronic drums. 100 BPM.
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Track Length:  3.38 | Additional Versions : 9

Driving electro pop track. Uplifting synth chords and catchy melodic hooks over a driving beat. 128 BPM.
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Crystal Lake

Track Length:  3.41 | Additional Versions : 9

Driving, upbeat electronic pop track. Thick analogue bass and retro beats give this relaxed electronic track an uplifting feel. 110 BPM.
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Deep Dreaming

Track Length:  3.22 | Additional Versions : 10

Chilled electronic track. Optimistic dreamy pads and thick analogue synths give this track a rich lush texture. 103 BPM.
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Track Length:  3.26 | Additional Versions : 8

Positive and laid back electro pop track. Slightly retro feel, emotional and full of reverb, this track has uplifting synth hooks over dreamy pads and...
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Gliding Waves

Track Length:  3.47 | Additional Versions : 9

Retro synths, dreamy pads and spacious synth melodies give this track a dream like feel. 120 BPM.
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I See You

Track Length:  3.22 | Additional Versions : 9

Chilled, but refreshing and energizing electronic track. Optimistic dreamy pads and thick analogue synths give this track a rich, lush texture. 103 BP...
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I Want You Back

Track Length:  3.49 | Additional Versions : 10

Upbeat, driving electronic pop track. Energetic driving drums, and warm analog bass, dreamy pads and uplifting melodic synth hooks. 120 BPM.
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