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Sparse Reflection

Track Length:  3.09 | Additional Versions : 2

A transparent, light and reflective underscore for drama / film and more. Very few notes, understated and with a poignant, melancholic feel.
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A Tense Moment

Track Length:  2.02 | Additional Versions : 2

A dark and gloomy underscore for film / TV. Piano and strings. Suspicion, regret, pain. Unsettled thoughts. Unease.
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A Touch

Track Length:  1.15 | Additional Versions : 2

A melancholic and emotive film / drama underscore track with piano and strings. Hopeful / fragile / reflective / true.
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Track Length:  1.51 | Additional Versions : 2

Reflective and solemn underscore for film / TV. Piano and strings. Heartfelt, fragile, sore.
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Awaiting the Moment

Track Length:  3.41 | Additional Versions : 2

A solemn and heartfelt underscore for film / TV. Piano and strings. Fragile, tender, emotional.
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Building Castles

Track Length:  1.07 | Additional Versions : 2

A heartfelt and beautiful theme for film / television, with Piano and Strings. Touching and delicate. Hopeful / Emotional / Touching.
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Dancing of the Mind

Track Length:  1.46 | Additional Versions : 2

A piano and strings theme for film / drama / personal stories. Touching, hopeful, flowering, poignant. Good for storytelling, real lives, past times. ...
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Track Length:  1.12 | Additional Versions : 2

A pretty, quaint and heartwarming piano and strings piece. Warm / Personal / Touching.
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Deceptive Truth

Track Length:  3.51 | Additional Versions : 2

A dark and poignant underscore for film / drama. Gloomy, but with hints of hope. Touching, personal and introspective.
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Delicate Hope

Track Length:  3.24 | Additional Versions : 2

A subtle, solemn and reflective underscore for film, drama and more. Understated but powerful, this is a poignant and deep composition that goes under...
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